Redesigning an eCommerce Interface for Improved User Experience



A large wireless telecommunications provider was using an outdated and under-performing customer-facing interface for catalogue, cart, and checkout processes. The company competes in a fast-moving industry and is dependent on utilizing systems that are easily modifiable and adaptable. Their current interface was not configurable or flexible enough for their business users to update content at the speed necessary, resulting in missed opportunities to improve the customer experience.




Unify updated the consumer facing interface by redesigning the application to utilize single Angular JavaScript pages. The custom pages provide non-developers the ability to update and improve the site content without development tools. Unify rebuilt the ecommerce platform by pulling data from enterprise systems which then enabled the program to develop features independently. The program is now able to support multiple channels in one place. Unify utilized an agile development framework. The bandwidth of users who could edit the content increased so changes could be made more rapidly.


Key Outcomes


The updated user interface increased customer satisfaction by generating a smoother browsing experience. Conversion rates increased by 3x and  customers were better satisfied with their purchasing experience due to the updates. A wider breadth of employees can now implement changes so the company is able to keep up with the demands in the fast-paced wireless telecommunications industry.