Preparing for Compliance Success

Preparing for Compliance Success

The decision to invest in an evidence management system is the first step to ongoing success in maintaining compliance with the reliability standards.  It is incredibly important before taking the step to purchase an actual product to consider three important factors that affect every entity:

  • Involvement of company leadership
  • Technology needs – both infrastructure and staff
  • Cultural changes to the organization


Company Leadership:

Participation by company leadership is critical to the success of implementing a software solution to manage compliance evidence.  Company leaders need to be comfortable with the costs of implementation, but also with the turbulence that comes with changing how compliance work is done.  Most importantly the company executives should provide their support by speaking to employees in all-hands meetings and provide company-wide messaging stressing the need and desire for this change. Regardless of the messaging medium, there needs to be an opportunity for employee feedback and questions (more to come in the Cultural Change discussion).

Technology Needs:

IT infrastructure a major consideration before purchasing a compliance product. Buying the right evidence management system is largely based company size and ability to support IT initiatives.  If the system will be housed on-premises, your organization will need server space, server administrators and software administrators.  For systems housed in the cloud, there will need to be sufficient skills in coding (to develop reports, build graphics, etc.), as well as software administrators.

Company Culture:

Changing the status quo is often fraught with resistance due to the unknown. Stakeholders will undoubtedly have their own, current, method to collect and store compliance information. Therefore, the incoming software should be intuitive to use as technology can be a barrier to adoption by stakeholders.  Therefore, it is critical for company leadership to solicit input from the intended end-users to address these complexities before committing to purchasing an evidence management system.


Unify Consulting can be your partner in all these stages.  Our consultants excel at marketing and communication, managing change and providing technical guidance on implementing enterprise software systems.  With our comprehensive approach you can rest assured that each detail will be carefully managed, and that the proper ecosystem is in place for immediate benefit to your compliance certainty.

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