Developing Pharmaceutical Financial Management Program



A global biotechnology company issued an organization-wide budget reduction directive to reduce operating expenses over a three-year period. Their global facilities group was tasked with reducing their annual budget by $13M. Executive leadership planned to launch a program designed to help the organization reach its objectives, but they lacked the in-house expertise needed to drive progress and facilitate the change.




Unify was responsible for developing new process streams and subprojects to evolve the initiative into a comprehensive program that was scalable and transferable to other departments. Using a mix of organizational excellence, data-driven, and lean and agile philosophies, Unify established a proactive program that utilized a crowdsourcing method to achieve greater efficiency. The team fostered collaboration and knowledge-sharing between cross-functional business units to drive sustainable efficiencies. In addition, Unify oversaw the creation of a data visualization portal and repository to drive insights and ideas. The team prepared socialization presentations, analyses, and a process playbook to facilitate adoption by other departments. 


Key Outcomes


In the first year since launching the program the target division surpassed its cost savings goal by almost $1M nearly two months ahead of schedule. This success demonstrated that the program’s ability to reduce cost with additional savings and efficiencies expected in the future. Organizational leaders were so impressed with the results that they expanded the initiative to other departments.