Designing a Non-Profit Partner Experience



A well-known non-profit that supports over one thousand non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was struggling with inefficient methods for engaging with these partners. Communications between the foundation and the NGOs was being handled primarily through e-mail. The organization lacked document management capabilities, which made it difficult to collaborate on proposals.​ Managing partner profiles and banking information was complicated by lack of secure self-service information management capabilities.  They struggled to capture and report data on the status of investments and lacked workflow capabilities to manage budget processes. The organization needed help to identify the best path forward for organizing and optimizing the partner experience during the investment management process.




Unify improved the design of the partner experience by delivering prioritized personas and uses cases and creating functional prototypes to meet user needs. The team created story boards, journey maps, and interactive prototypes. Unify’s technology and product teams worked closely with the design team to assess the technical environment and create a high-level architecture, complete with systems selection and database design. Unify created a recommended product roadmap to deliver technical capabilities. A business case was designed to support budget requests for development and delivery of partner experiences. Recommendations were made to improve partner engagement processes and workflows.

Key Outcomes


Implementation of Unify’s design and recommendations resulted in an organized and streamlined communications process between NGOs and the foundation. Partner satisfaction improved, overall efficiency increased, and funding related errors were reduced. Time to market of foundation initiatives was accelerated, enabling the organization to achieve their mission faster and enhance their impact on the causes they support.