Organizational Change & Agility: Key Considerations

It’s time to UNIFY at work…

The last 19+ months were hard.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is overtly visible.  Families suffered catastrophic loss.  Healthcare systems hit breaking points.  Countries are fragmented.  While some companies struggle with “the great resignation”, others can’t hire fast enough to meet post-pandemic demand.

As systems and people break down, Unify Consulting continues to help leaders and companies’ breakthrough the pandemic mire and emerge into 2022 stronger, smarter, and more resilient.  We do that by asking powerful questions and listening carefully.  Only when we’re clear that we’ve uncovered the client’s business issue do we propose innovative, data-driven solutions that bring all the necessary parts of the business together to create an aligned, unified whole.

So, we begin this journey of recovery with you in hopes of facilitating a UNIFIED whole in companies across the world.  November 9th marks the first of five LinkedIn weekly polls that we’ll publish intended to help Organizational Talent through to the other side of the pandemic.  Visit Unify’s LinkedIn page weekly to respond to each poll, and each week we’ll share compelling thought leadership about change, agility and Talent practices. Whether you are an individual contributor, organizational leader, or represent the People function in your organization, we imagine you’ll find nuggets of ideas and healing along the way from Unify Consulting.  We’re listening…..and we’re here to help!