Optimizing Customer Device Activation



A large wireless carrier’s online device activation experience was sub-par compared to competitors and was resulting in poor customer satisfaction. Millions of customers called customer care centers or visited retail stores to remedy incomplete online activations. The care calls and retail visits cost over $16 million more than the online channel annually. The company wanted to both reduce cost and create a best-in-class device activation experience. The company sought to better understand the root causes of care calls and retail visits, compare the device activation experience with those of competitors, and understand key elements of best-in-class device activation.




Unify partnered with the client to conduct analysis, research, and benchmarking of the current customer device activation journey. The team analyzed customer and employee pain points encountered during the process of activating upgraded phones and adding additional phone lines for existing customer(s). The team conducted extensive research, both within the wireless industry and other industries, and benchmarked key performance indicators for comparison.


Key Outcomes


Based on the analysis and benchmarking targets, Unify designed a best-in-class activation flow for both the upgrade and add-a-line customer journeys, greatly alleviating activation pain points and issues. The improvements reduced the number and cost of customer care calls and retail visits while increasing both customer and employee satisfaction.