Most Valuable Projects Framework



Unify can help transition an organization from reactive and instinct-based decision making to a data-driven and value-led approach. Unify’s Most Valuable Project framework will identify business value drivers and impacting initiatives and employ the right people, frameworks, and methodologies to enable accelerated action and business results.




Large transformation program failure due to unclear performance targets that are not aligned to value creation.




Establish a Value Management Office (VMO) to guide program and project delivery by applying a value lens to the way work is planned, prioritized, delivered, and monitored. Unify created a two-phased approach to design and run the VMO which consists of 4 major steps: identifying, defining, measuring and managing value.  Key deliverables include:

  • VMO Governance Model
  • Value Driver Tree & Metrics
  • Consolidated Business Case
  • Reports & Dashboards