Applying Business Intelligence to Inform Cloud Marketplace Operations



A large cloud services company was experiencing operational and billing issues leading to partner dissatisfaction. The company’s cloud marketplace is the client’s industry-leading offering in the cloud computing space. It enables third-party publishers to sell applications that create an ecosystem of services for the cloud’s end-customers. A new billing system to support the marketplace was rolled out and it directly affected partner experience. The new process generated significant billing issues that required expensive and time consuming research. Unify’s Data-Driven Insights service line was enlisted to build reports and provide visibility throughout the order lifecycle.




Unify combined backend data development, data governance, analysis, and visualization expertise to create the highly impactful solution. The team leveraged agile principles to pull billing and usage data from over 30 systems related to the order lifecycle. Extensive investigations were required into the source of billing inaccuracies. Gaps, mitigating solutions, and projected solution outcomes were identified and prioritized.


Key Outcomes


The company’s cloud marketplace doubled its revenue in three years while supporting exponential growth of cloud services, in part via third party application offerings. The report not only helped pinpoint billing gaps, saving tens of millions of dollars, but the data was also used to help save relationships when publishers escalated issues and therefore helped increase publisher satisfaction.