Modern Portfolio Management Accelerator​



Program portfolio management often struggles to prioritize work for optimal strategic alignment with enterprise objectives. Unify’s Modern Portfolio Management Accelerator enables intelligent prioritization of programs and projects based on their value to the enterprise and its customers.




Established organizations and thriving startups alike are asking for services around Lean Portfolio Management, but do not know where to start. These companies are often challenged by (1) an inability to align portfolio investments to strategic needs and (2) a lack of rigor around portfolio work intake and prioritization throughout the year.




Unify offers a Modern Portfolio Management (MPM) Accelerator to help companies quickly reimagine their portfolio management capabilities from strategy through execution. We help organizations see how they support their customers in a new way, setting the foundation for a holistic transformation while practically starting with a set of teams as a proof of concept and opportunity for validated learning. Our MPM Accelerator is a catalyst for positive change and our recommended first step to modernize your portfolio management function.