Just-in-Time Insight

With the increasing abundance of data, the new challenge for organizations is to access that data and analytics when it is most useful. To avoid making decisions based on out-of-date data, our clients are making it available daily, hourly, or often in real-time. The goal is not to have the data available as quickly as possible, but rather to make data available “just-in-time” to enable decision-making. Unify provides the business planning, technical architecture, design, and build services to enable the just-in-time decisioning enterprise.  


Point of View


Just-in-time insight not only requires the ability to collect and disseminate data at a rapid pace, but also requires a change in mindset. Continuing to employ business decision use cases that were based on longdelayed legacy reports shortchange the potential for just-in-time insights. We help organizations identify the optimal use cases for their business and combine these with the technical know-how to execute impactful reporting coupled with advanced analytics.