Improving Subscription Software Discovery and Purchase Journey



A global software company had less effective online discoverability and ease of purchase for its cloud-based productivity software than a key competitor. The product lagged in discoverability through key channels such as paid search, social, email, and affiliates. The customer journey to purchase involved the user navigating over twice as many screens as its largest competitor, resulting in missed revenue opportunities.




The team sourced company and competitive web traffic data across channels including organic search, paid search, email, affiliate, display, social, and direct. The productivity software products’ web traffic was compared with the competitors and industry benchmarks to identify improvement opportunities. Example recommendations included sourcing more traffic from the company’s other online consumer products, improving click through engagement from external properties, and better engaging affiliates and the education market. The customer journey to purchase was compared and recommendations were made to streamline the learning and purchase process.


Key Outcomes


The company improved the volume and quality of web traffic from both owned and external sources based on the recommendations. The customer purchase journey was streamlined leading to an increase in the percentage of completed transactions and improved revenue.