Improving Executive Strategic Alignment with Scorecarding



A large wireless carrier’s executives regularly created new custom scorecards to track performance of their divisions. The highly varied sources of data for scorecards led to manual efforts, extensive stakeholder coordination, and long timelines for completion. Custom scorecard development was often required and periodic updates were manual leading to further expense. The disparate efforts also resulted in low visibility to the executives’ internal strategic alignment. Executives within a group were often out of sync with goals and key performance indicators of executives above and below them.




Unify developed both a process and automated tool that allowed executives to more easily track and compare their metrics. The tool enabled non-technical people to add new data sources and develop charts and visualizations. The system made the scorecards of all executives more accessible for comparison and alignment. Social capabilities allowed for commentary to be added to charts and metrics. Consistency in data sourcing, data model, and look and feel enhanced usability and engagement as well as the ability to reuse the infrastructure for future scorecards. Automation enabled a reduction in manual updates.


Key Outcomes


Executives enhanced their decision-making through more timely visibility to their metrics against targets. They also more easily aligned their target setting with others in the organization due to the improved visibility across executive scorecards. Costs to develop scorecards were significantly reduced due to the more easily customized application and data feed automation.