Hybrid Cloud Solution Design & Implementation



Migrating to the cloud has the potential to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining infrastructure while improving speed and efficiency. Cloud-based solutions create a networked product development model in which existing enterprise workloads are decoupled and migrated to the cloud. Strategic and technical roadmaps and designs are created to build hybrid cloud applications and platforms to improve performance.




Migrate existing enterprise workloads to the cloud.  Design born-in-the-cloud applications and services.  Create strategic and technical roadmaps to build hybrid on-prem/cloud applications and platforms.  Rationalize business problems, create use cases, solution design, implementation planning and execution.




  • Develop multi-phase approach to rationalize the problems and build use-case based backlogs
  • Develop hybrid on-prem/cloud architectures, designed for efficiency, speed, and co-existence
  • Build DevOps capabilities CI/CD – increase ability to respond to business demands
  • Provide technical thought leadership and expertise across commercial products and custom solutions
  • Supplement technical teams with end-to-end offsite software engineering services