Improving Global Real Estate & Facilities Operations



A large online retailer’s Global Real Estate and Facilities (GREF) division’s mission was to provide a secure, sustainable, and efficient work environment. At the end of 2019, GREF supported over 200K employees in 369 corporate buildings worldwide. Programs within GREF were run by FTEs and contractors with varying degrees of success, accountability, or standardization.​ They needed help improving their operations and scaling their organization.




Unify delivered the Vendor Health Initiative (VHI) to GREF leadership outlining an approach to improve and scale operations. The recommendations identified ways to reduce functional problems within GREF, to improve the customer and stakeholder experience, increase accountability to deliverables, establish decision processes, and diminish reliance on vendors.​ Unify built  a cross-functional team to support organization effectiveness across GREF to deliver solutions including functional and technical project management, change management, program management, Salesforce, and business process improvement. The team defined and improved contracts processes, moving from an email and spreadsheet-based management approach to a Salesforce-based solution for vendor onboarding, contract intake, and lifecycle tracking.  Consultants developed a standardized program playbook bill of materials. The team facilitated the successful transition of manual A/P and on- and off-boarding processes from US-based personnel to a new Bangalore-based team. Unify supported the creation of the GREF Global Program Management Office (PMO), including ongoing efforts to formalize intake, prioritization, and resource allocation processes and clarify a regional and global operating model and roadmap.


Key Outcomes


Unify improved operations, documentation, reporting, and compliance, and enabled self-service training and support for multiple programs.  The organization is currently transitioning all GREF programs to the standard outlined in the playbook created by Unify. The team was viewed as a trusted advisor to senior leadership within GREF. By writing the whitepapers that defined the future strategy, Unify was able to align GREF team members to the tactical plans required to implement the key areas of improvement.This close partnership with clients within GREF allowed Unify to deliver integrated solutions to improve programs and processes, as well as land new initiatives and facilitate large scale organizational change. The organization was able to reduce overhead, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and increase efficiency of operations with vendors all while scaling GREF for future growth.