Driving Defect Prioritization in Software Development with Predictive Analytics



A large wireless telecommunications provider was implementing an expansive effort to overhaul their software development process to deliver world-class products and experiences for its customers. Due to the complex dependencies between defects that spanned across various teams and the enormous scope of the project, software defects were difficult to resolve.The defects were resulting in negative impacts on software quality, customer experiences, and feature availability timelines.




Using data science frameworks from social network theory, Unify developed an interactive tool that visualized the dependencies between software defects and provided advanced intelligence to prioritize the highest-impact bugs.  More importantly, the tool allowed teams to effectively collaborate on the resolution of software bugs across teams.


Key Outcomes


By deploying the analytical tool through Tableau, stakeholders could access the insights instantaneously using a familiar and readily accessible tool. Feature development timelines were significantly reduced due to the improved effectiveness of prioritizing defects. With increased stakeholder exposure to this benefit, advanced analytics methods were applied to use cases in other domains, enhancing the overall value delivered to the organization.