Developing a Mobile Social Monitoring Application



A large financial services company lacked visibility to real time and geographically based insights from social data. The poor visibility led to an inability to react in a timely way to negative customer sentiment.




Unify developed a mobile application that helped identify both themes and sentiments by location so that the company could react quickly to changes. The application ingested and temporarily stored messages from social media in real-time. A sentiment dictionary was used to custom build a machine learning sentiment analysis algorithm using Python and R. The messages were aggregated and analysis was performed to determine real-time sentiment of social media users based upon location. Built on a mobile responsive website, the application enabled drill-down to specific locations for more detailed analysis.


Key Outcomes


The financial services company better understood customer sentiment in real time and apply changes to its operations. The company benefited from being able to take a geographical view of changes in sentiment and apply changes to its local operations.