Deploy Analytics at Scale



Many organizations have invested in analytical platforms and reporting, but aren’t seeing the projected adoption to drive decisions informed by insights. By creating a training and support system with a focus on useability, Unify helps achieve a return on investment in reporting and analytics, wherever the company is its business intelligence implementation.




Business is on the road to widespread, democratized data. Expertise is needed to define a big-picture roadmap and escape siloed, ad-hoc reporting environments. This includes a need for recommendations around large scale management of reporting tools and workspaces, a definition of key report types and audiences, and an assistance driving end-user platform adoption.




Create a support system to provide client users with the tools to access and utilize relevant, trusted information at the right time.

  • Assess business need: customer survey, journey mapping, and platform evaluation. Define journey maps, user personas, recommendations.
  • Prioritization: identify immediacy of opportunities, rationalize current environment where appropriate, propose work plan. Deliver complete roadmap and backlog.
  • Remediation: Build and deliver core reports and dashboards with highest impact in an accessible workspace. Drive platform adoption through training of users and in-house analysts.