Data Governance Light



Data Governance “Light” provides just enough planning and execution to manage data and ultimately enable people to trust data so that organizations can become more data-driven in their decision-making. Unify guides organizations to manage data as an asset with data management strategy, data quality, metadata management, master data management, and change management & communications services.




As businesses move to become data-driven in strategy and operations, eroded trust in data blocks progress and defeats expensive projects.  Data Governance “Lite” is designed to reverse trust erosion and build a guided evolution in the organization to produce and manage dependable data.




Focused by business priorities and return, quickly stand up an organization across functional and technical operations that can ensure lean, effective management of critical data

  • Build IT and business sponsorship leading to selection of data and process SME’s working part time to identify, intake, prioritize data issues
  • Cross-functional workshops to understand data CRUD* processes for root cause
  • Create agile programs to attack data issues
  • Transform the organization to understand and trust new data management processes and tools