Designing a Data-Driven Organization



An organization’s Digital Transformation office sought Unify’s support in launching a Customer Intelligence Capability (CIC) as part of an enterprise-wide initiative to become a more data-driven. The organization faced several key challenges in data analytics: siloed work, lack of coordination across organizations and teams, a shortage of business intelligence (BI) capacity and analytics skill set, and a general lack of foresight and consideration of data in all business activities and decisions. ​ They needed a new set of people, processes, and tools that would drive the use of customer-focused analytics to support all areas of the customer journey.




After identifying the challenges, Unify recommended a federated analytics operational model in tandem with standing up the CIC to lead cross-functional analytics and insights. ​An organizational assessment was performed that included evaluating the current talent and team and conducting stakeholder interviews. Unify designed the new CIC team to include data analysis,  data engineering, data science, product management, and data governance skillsets​. ​An operational model was created that illustrated how the CIC team worked with IT to deliver data analytics to various business units (Marketing, Sales, Product Development and Services). Unify provided strategic recommendations including a framework for prioritizing analytic use cases across business units and provided guidance for implementation​. Additionally, key communications documents were provided, including executive narratives and presentations, a newsletter template, and general talking points for meetings.


Key Outcomes


The strategy provided by Unify was universally accepted by executive leadership. The new CIC and operational processes enabled the organization to utilize customer insights and decision making more consistently. For example, touchpoints in the customer journey were optimized improving customer satisfaction, enhancing the quality of the experience, and increasing revenue.