Enhancing Display Ad Performance and Management with Analytics



A large software company needed help managing the BI work to track and report on the ad performance metrics that could be used to optimize ad supply and pricing while determining the most effective members of the sales staff. Decisions were being made with stale 30-days-old data that was degrading the effectiveness of the client’s monetization efforts. Unify was brought on board by the client’s Display Ads BI team to devise a solution.




The major challenge was finding a way to aggregate 300K-400K rows of data per hour. This required combining an Azure event hub, Stream Analytics, Data Lake Analytics, Power BI, and SharePoint to parse the data into manageable chunks for reporting.

Among the solutions Unify delivered were Cashboard, which displayed a scoreboard of ad sales commissions by salesperson, and Ads Control Tower, which provided real-time information on advertising delivery and related trouble tickets. Unify also built a management tool to identify and facilitate bulk removal of ads that didn’t comply with Microsoft policy.


Key Outcomes


The client went from making monthly to hourly optimization decisions about its display ad business, gaining more effective performance tracking, monitoring to resolve downtime that could cost up to $100K/hr in lost revenue, the ability to respond more quickly to problematic ads or advertisers, and better coordination and integration with the display ad delivery partner for joint issue resolution.