Customer Targeting Engine



Transforming an organization’s marketing capabilities through customer targeting strategies and propensity modeling to increase influenced sales pipeline and improve efficiency




Without accurate tools, marketing organizations have limited understanding of which customers to target with which marketing channels, content, and messaging. They also have limited understanding of which targeted customers are most likely to make a purchase and when.  This hampers the sales organization in their forecasting accuracy and conversion efficiency. Without good insight to customer’s buying habits and plans, the revenue lift may be suboptimal from marketing campaigns and tactics.  Additionally, the cost to target customers or implement a targeted marketing strategy is very high.  




Develop a customer recommendation engine that provides insights on products that customers are most likely to buy to build a sales pipeline and help lift revenue results. Unify builds machine learning models using R and/or Python code for customer purchase prediction. The organization receives insights on the next logical purchase which are loaded into a custom front-end user experience for internal sales, marketing, and service, or for display direct-to-customer.

Demonstrated success of our solution is largely attributed to:

  • Close coordination between data scientists and business end-users, ensuring that recommendations are well-leveraged for business results
  • Commitment to operational excellence, ensuring continued growth and improvements.