Coordinating Value-Based Care Plan Promotion



A regional medical center needed to decrease collection costs, increase margins, and find ways to stay competitive in a crowded healthcare market. To address these needs, leadership decided to focus on the promotion of value-based care plans for its patients. To increase adoption of value-based Medicare Advantage plans and In-Network commercial insurance plans, the organization needed help targeting and educating specific patient populations during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and Open Enrollment Periods. 




Unify coordinated between marketing, clinical, and administrative departments to produce a full communication and patient education strategy including print, digital, and targeted outreach. The team wrote patient education letters and provided data sets for targeted mailing campaigns, and staff training was provided for patient education. Unify managed an outside vendor that counseled patients on the organization’s contracted Medicare Advantage plans. The team provided enhanced digital outreach including an updated patient insurance webpage, social media campaign, and blog article. The team worked with contracting to verify in-network insurance plans, including audits of the WA Health Exchange to provide updated internal/external insurance reference tables.


Key Outcomes


As a result of Unify’s contributions, the medical center was able to specifically target high-priority patient populations. The organization was also able to perform outreach to general patient populations effectively and through a variety of mediums. Over 9,700 Open Enrollment patients were reached and 45,000 Medicare-eligible patients were contacted directly via mail and/or phone. Unify was also able to produce a full-fledged strategy and project plan that could be repeatedly utilized on an annual basis, ensuring continued success. The organization saved on collection costs and increased their competitive edge.