Continuous Integration and Deployment



Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) is a key tool for any industry to be able to better service their customers. In cooperation with the Agile methodology CI/CD will allow your teams to collaborate and deliver faster by utilizing automation measured against data driven KPIs. The end result of a successfully implemented CI/CD pipeline is reduced cost, reduced deployment overhead, reduce infrastructure and code issues, and increased transparency.




Smaller and more frequent code changes allows business to respond to customer needs faster than traditional SDLC practices. In addition CI/CD allows the business to detect and resolve failures before production reducing downtime, bugs, and customer impact. 




  • Develop MVP approach to start providing value immediately
  • Develop infrastructure as code pipelines to increase reliability 
  • Provide DevOps culture leadership and expertise across the organization
  • Supplement technical teams with end-to-end offsite DevOps engineering services