Building a Light-Weight Project Management Office



Unify offers a light-weight solution that helps clients achieve the traditional benefits of a project management office (quality, efficiency, consistency, visibility, strategic alignment) in less time, with less disruption, and with higher adoption.




Many organizations recognize the benefits that a project management office can offer (PMO), but building a PMO from scratch can be a daunting task and they are unsure of how or where to start. Plus, many are concerned about introducing rigid, unnecessary processes that could out-weight the benefits.




Unify offers a light-weight PMO that can be stood up quickly and customized to meet the specific needs of an organization.We start with an assessment of the client’s current state and identify which of the 4 types of PMOs the client wants/needs to start with. We then provide a plan detailing the steps to get the selected PMO up and running.Included with the plan are essential tools, templates and training needed for the PMO implementation. Unify can manage the implementation and establish the new rhythm of business or do a hand-off to the client for implantation.