Managing a Cancer Drug Launch



A biotech company created a promising new drug to treat metastatic breast cancer, which greatly expanded their portfolio. Their existing information technology capabilities needed to scale up to accommodate business expansion. The rapid growth highlighted communications challenges between departments. Documentation was scarce for prior product launches, and there was no infrastructure or playbook in place to guide the various teams through the launch. Unify was enlisted to improve communications between departments, optimize resource allocation across initiatives and groups, and create a playbook for future launches. 




Unify provided program level oversight of over twenty IT initiatives, including Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, interactive voice response (IVR), websites, third party logistics (3PL), a data warehouse, and other third-party vendors. Unify developed a program charter, a program management plan, a communication plan, and a Smartsheet dashboard to support executive status reporting. Sales reporting was obtained from 3PL partners and integrated with internal systems. Unify program managed the data flow and aggregation of data into the organization’s data warehouse for reporting on the launch. Weekly team meetings were instituted to improve communications and update the executives with status reports. Unify outlined a playbook to guide future product launches.

Key Outcomes


Developed a program level cross functional plan to support IT through the overall launch and deploy mission critical functionality. IT was increasingly seen as a partner to the business. The company was able to advance their revenue goals by doubling the size of their original projected trial. With Unify’s assistance, the launch date was able to be advanced from plan by three months and forecasted performance goals were shattered. Unify was acknowledged directly for their contributions by the Chief Information Officer.