Agile Transformation Recovery



Engineering and product teams often struggle with on-time delivery of products and services to the market. Unify kickstarts Agile implementations by defining success criteria, applying product and technical coaching, and managing ongoing change communications.​ Results include improved customer satisfaction, reduced time-to-market, and lowered costs.




IT departments are struggling to deliver value to customers quickly enough via existing Agile implementation, which has become stalled and needs intervention to meet company’s initially defined success criteria. Stakeholder and employee engagement has dropped and teams are just “going through the motions” without realizing value.




Design a targeted approach to kickstart an existing Agile implementation by refocusing on success criteria and the “why” of Agile. Analyze the existing Agile delivery methods and capabilities to identify failure points and needed improvements. Clarify success criteria with stakeholders and measure through change management. Create implementation backlog and align against objectives to ensure engagement. Apply product and technical coaching, and ongoing change communication to entire organization.