Insights U


From Data to Insight to Action


Our Insights U is a data analytics certification training developed by Unify Consulting for both consultants and clients. The training enables students to apply the concepts of data analytics and critical thinking to business situations for greater insights – ultimately leading to better decision-making. Students come away with an analytical mindset combined with hands-on skills in SQL, Tableau, and Power BI. Data-driven problem-solving skills are further developed through participation in a group simulation that enables students to solve a real business challenge with analytics.

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Course Modules

1. Intro to Data Analytics

Online video session


Get an overview of the principles, methodologies, and tools used in data analysis

2. SQL & Databases

Online video session


Learn the basic principles of database design and how to source data using Structured Query Language (SQL)

3. Data Visualization

Online video session


Learn how to effectively communicate information using reporting and data visualization

4. Data Science

Online video session


Learn how data science bring value to business through application of critical thinking and statistics

5. Hands-on Case Study

In-person session


Gain hands-on practice using the capabilities and tools you have learned in previous modules

6. Simulation

In-person session


Simulate data-driven decision-making by student teams through use of a real client business transformation challenge