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Unifying Talent Attraction and Acquisition…

Last week, Unify Consulting launched a 5-week series of LinkedIn polls and white papers around the challenges organizations and leaders face with managing the phases of the Talent Lifecycle.  In our first poll, we asked the following question:

Should we be surprised that three of our four Talent Lifecycle areas are proving to stretch our teams and organizations thin?  Are you basically telling us that we have opportunities and work to be done at every phase of the talent lifecycle?

This week’s poll dives deeper into the highest scoring area – Attracting and Acquiring Talent.  Join us in our journey to discover issues and solutions to some of today’s most pressing organizational challenges.  Be sure to download Unify’s thought leadership around how Creative Organizations are winning the talent race to the right of this text.

Visit Unify’s LinkedIn page weekly to respond to each poll, and each week we’ll share compelling thought leadership about change, agility and Talent practices.

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